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Student Debt Hits the Middle-Aged

Student debt is rising sharply among all age groups, but middle-aged Americans appear to be struggling the most with payments, according to new data released Tuesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
The delinquency rate—or the percentage of debt on which no payment has been made for 90 days—was 11.9% for debt held by borrowers aged 40 to 49 as of March. That compares with a rate of 8.7% for borrowers of all ages.

photo via flickr:CC | David Michael Morris

Stricher Gerard

“It’s Not Me It’s You”, 1966
  • mom: ok honey wait in line i forgot to get some eggs
  • me: ok hurry
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: mom where are you
  • me: mom hurry up what are you doing
  • me: omg i'm almost to the front of the line what am i going to do
  • me: mom i can't breathe where are you i'm next in line
  • employee: next
  • me:
  • employee:
  • me:
  • me: faints
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